Jadescape's 1-Bedroom remains investors' choice and provides young or new investors a foot into the property investment scene.

If you look around Bishan / Shunfu area, there are limited 1 Bedroom condominium apartments available for rent.

So when the supply is limited and there is demand for 1 Bedroom apartments due to a growing young foreign workforce in various disruptive industries.  In simple economics terms, if demand is more than supply, price of the "product" i.e. the rental apartment goes UP.

A total of 195 units of 1-Bedroom apartments in this beautiful development.

Jadescape's 2-Bedroom apartments are highly sought-after due to their price point and versatility.  These apartments can be either a home for young couples or retired couples whose children have flown the nest.  Because of this reasons, the 2-Bedroom Premium have all been SOLD!

However, investors can take heart to know that the more affordable versions like 2-Bedroom Classic and 2-Bedroom Deluxe are still available.

A typical 2-Bedroom over here range from 646 sqft to 764 sqft. Very decent offerings of 2-Bedrooms available in this award-winning smart home development which explains the high take-up rate.


3-Bedroom layout as shown in the floor plans are the most-sell-able apartments in Jadescape . More than 86% of 3-Bedroom apartments have been SOLD.

A look at ALL 3-Bedroom floor plans reveal that the close kitchen as a common feature of 3-Bedroom apartments in this Best-Selling development for year 2018/19/20.

Floorplans show all 3-Bedroom apartments have 2 bathrooms while 3-Bedroom Premium(1141 sqft) have 2 bathrooms and 1 WC behind the kitchen.

For families who need that extra space, a 4-Bedroom offers families a wide range of size from 1259 sqft(4-Bedroom Classic) to 1421 sqft(4-Bedroom Deluxe) and 1647 sqft(4-Bedroom Suite with private lift).

Floor plans reveal all 4-Bedrooms can fit a double-bed(Queen size)  with the exception of the 4th Bedroom in the 4-Bedroom Classic layout.

All 4-Bedroom apartments have a yard and store room behind the kitchen as shown in the floorplan.

Not surprising, close to 50% of these 4-Bedroom in Jadescape have been taken due to well-optimized floor plans.

Jadescape's 5-Bedroom(2099 sqft) units boast a spacious 613 sqft Living and Dining space.  A look at the floor plan shows a regular shaped living and dining with wet kitchen demarcated from the dry kitchen.  The wide distance between wall-to-wall in the living hall and balcony ensures the living and dining hall is filled with natural light.  All five bedrooms can fit a double-bed and wardrobe.  Both Master Bedroom (~350 sqft) and Junior Master Bedroom(~215 sqft) are ensuite. 

Within the Bishan / Shunfu neighborhood, there is a limited supply of 5-Bedrooms which explains why more than 55% of these rare 5-Bedrooms have been snapped up.